Reflecting on the Third Year of Kurti II: Setbacks and Achievements in Rule of Law, Public Administration and Foreign Policy

April 8, 2024

As the government led by PM Albin Kurti enters its final year in power, the question arises: Is it delivering on the promises it made? The final two years of a government’s term should effectively showcase concrete achievements, with noticeable progress in sectoral reforms. This analysis seeks to offer a comprehensive assessment of the government’s performance across key sectors, encompassing rule of law, public administration reform, foreign policy, with a particular emphasis on EU integration and the normalization of relations with Serbia.

The next section of this analysis focuses on significant rule of law advancements, including the vetting process, strides in implementing the national rule of law strategic framework, initiatives aimed at reforming the legislative framework of the prosecutorial system, and efforts in combating corruption and organized crime. The third section elaborates on the government’s approach and endeavors concerning public administration reform, with a particular focus on the pivotal legal package governing the civil service and salary system. The analysis then delves into Kurti II’s Government efforts and performance in foreign policy, EU integration, and the ongoing process of normalization of relations with Serbia. The final section concludes.

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