WOMEN AND THE PANDEMIC: Health-Related, Socio-Economic and Psychological Impacts Worldwide. Where Does Kosovo Stand?

May 12, 2021

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Undoubtedly, the gender dimension has considerably been hit by Covid-19. Ad hoc measures, for addressing each single endavour (i.e., socio-economic and psychological), have been much like a piecemeal. But the key question remains: How can the gender-dimensions be better integrated into country’s policy-specific measures? With a view at providing an answer, the analysis tries to picture the key issues affecting women as a direct consequence of Covid-19 related-restrictions in five parts.

The first part portrays the origin of the phenomenon breaking out in the far Wuhan City, Hubei province, in China and reaching the rest of the world in a couple of months. The second part highlights the considerable burden on women, if compared to men, being divided between home schooling, household and informal care. The third part deals with the psychological consequences of women’ mental distress, because of a disproportionate share of the burden mentioned above. The fourth part covers Covid-19 economic impact on women with the majority of them losing their job, working in sectors at a higher exposure with the public and possibly of contagion, in precarious conditions, and/or in the informal economy with all the related social insecurities that this implies. The fourth part provides an overview of Covid-19 socio-economic and psychological impact on women (also from RAE communities) in Kosovo, with the country following a worrying global trend. The last part offers some key policy recommendations with a view at softening Covid-19 related-impacts on women.

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