Who sets the agenda? Preliminary remarks on border revision and territorial exchange between Kosovo and Serbia

August 31, 2018

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Recent suggestion for border correction between Kosovo and Serbia has raised quiet few eyebrows. The sudden institutional introduction of such idea in the public discourse, while it might have induced a collective shell shock, did not come as a subtle surprise. It had almost become a public secret that the ultimate solution to the normalization of the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia might include territorial exchange/division. In part so due to President Thaci’s statement after his last meeting with his Serbian counterpart that the dialogue may conclude in “ dire compromise”, and partially because the agreement on Association of Serb Municipalities eventually may have constitutional and practical implications in the functionality of Kosovo state. Current border revision idea may mean unification of the valley of Presheva, Medvegja and Bujanovc to Kosovo, it also feeds on the idea of the separation of the north of Mitrovica from Kosovo. Insisting that only the former will happen is immature and dishonest. To that end, the purpose of this policy note is to deconstruct the outcome of this idea in relation to Kosovo’s statehood.

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