(UN) LEVELING THE FIELD – A Competition Tale! (II)

March 18, 2019


Erëza Pula
economics, foreign direct investment, good governance

The main objective of this study is to access the fulfillment degree of the actions and priorities falling under the competition area, stemming from NPISAA and ERA. It should be noted that this monitoring phase focuses on the period July-Dec 2018, which will complement the first monitoring round for the period Jan-June 2018. This said, the results will highlight the achievements and failures of relevant institutions throughout the year 2018. Similar to first monitoring round, the same monitoring methodology has been followed in order to access the performance of institutions towards meeting the criteria deriving from the SAA. Precisely, all the actions/measures and priorities stemming from the NPISAA and ERA relevant to the competition area were highlighted, including also all key institutions responsible to carry out these reforms. In order to have a successful response rate, relevant institutions were notified with the main aim of this project and then they were contacted through email in order to provide feedback on the progress towards the fulfillment of measures and indicators. Relevant stakeholders were also contacted through phone in case no feedback was provided through email.

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Policy Analysis

(UN) LEVELING THE FIELD – A Competition Tale! (II)

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