The Performance of the Kosovo Competition Authority

October 20, 2017

Given the importance that the KCA holds for well-functioning and fair market competition in Kosovo, this study aims to review the overall performance of the Kosovo Competition Authority since its establishment as well as its operational and budgetary capacities. The following sections of this study are organized as follows: Section 2 provides an assessment of the budget, employees, and the Commission of the Kosovo Competition Authority. Section 3 analyzes the performance and effectiveness of the KCA, focusing on the cases already investigated and reviewed by the KCA as well as those the KCA has neglected such as the case of Homologation. Section 4 provides an overview of the legislative framework with regard to the private enforcement mechanisms, umbrella-pricing effect, recognition of buyers’ legitimacy who were indirectly affected by cartels, as well as the legal responsibilities of enterprises involved in a cartel for the damages inflicted. The last section offers a conclusion and policy recommendations that can further enhance Kosovo Competition Authority’s performance based on the findings of this Policy Report.


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