The Impact of Serbia’s Chapter 35 Negotiations on the Future of Kosovo in the European Union

October 31, 2014

On 31 October 2014, Group for Legal and Political Studies hosted a Panel Discussion on the following topic: ‘The Impact of Chapter 35 Negotiations on the Future of Kosovo in the European Union’. The Panel Discussion offered an overview on the importance of the EU enlargement process and, in particular, the relevance of Serbia’s Chapter 35 for the improvement of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, as well as for Kosovo’s future towards the EU. The panelists highlighted a set of issues that influence the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia and that need to be addressed in Chapter 35 negotiations, such as the parallel structures in Northern Kosovo and the issue of direct communication between the two state parties. The Panel Discussion opened with a presentation of the Policy Opinion entitled: ‘Ensuring the Future of Kosovo in the European Union through Serbia’s Chapter 35 Negotiations’. The Policy Opinion sheds light on the core implications of Serbia’s Chapter 35 negotiations on the future of Kosovo. It further suggests the main issues that need to be included in Chapter 35 in order to adequately address, and find solutions to the remaining challenges that would prevent further normalization between Kosovo and Serbia, while not jeopardizing Kosovo’s future accession to the European Union. The Policy Opinion may be downloaded by clicking here.

Panelists in Attendance:

Mr. Glauk Konjufca – Member of the Assembly of Kosovo, LVV;

Mr. Skender Hyseni – Former Minister  of Foreign Affairs;

Mr. Azem Vllasi – Expert on Kosovo-Serbia Relations;

Mr. Naim Rashiti – Analyst, fBalkans Policy Research Group;

Mr. Fisnik Korenica – Group for Legal and Political Studies.


Venue: Orion Conference Center

Str. ‘Rexhep Luci’, No. 2, Prishtina, Kosovo

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