Blina Zhubi

Project Coordinator

Ms. Blina Zhubi is a Project Coordinator at GLPS. In general, her work focuses on coordinating activities and initiatives run by the organization. She primarily engages with the regular monitoring of the National Plan for the Implementation of the SAA (NPISAA) in Kosovo, and the European Reform Agenda (ERA).

Blina has a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance and Master’s in Management from AAB College. During her Bachelor’s degree studies, Blina had the opportunity to participate in a summer school at Ljubljana University. During her Master’ studies she won a scholarship to study for a semester at Lodz University in Poland, where she focused on management and marketing. Blina has a diverse professional background, having gained experience in the banking sector, as well as in communication and digital marketing with local and international organizations. Also, she has an academic background in human design. In 2019, Blina was recognized for her contribution in the field of economics and was awarded the “New Economist “ award from Central Bank of Kosovo.

Email: [email protected]