Besar Gërgi

Research Fellow

Besar Gërgi has joined GLPS since May 2024 as a Research Fellow. His work focuses on Kosova-Serbia dialogue process and the European integration of Kosova and the Western Balkans region at large. Besar has studied Public Policy & Economics in Rochester Institute of Technology’s Kosova campus. He also has a master’s degree in European Studies from KU Leuven as a Young Cell Scheme fellow. His master’s thesis focused on the role of the European Union as a mediator in Kosova-Serbia dialogue.

Prior to joining GLPS, Besar has worked in the Office of the Prime Minister as a senior policy officer for policy coordination, in the European integration departments, where he gained first-hand professional insight into EU integration. He has also experience as a senior policy officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, also working on European affairs.

Email: [email protected]