Bardha Maxhuni

international law, judiciary reform and anti- corruption policies

Bardha Maxhuni is a Research Fellow at GLPS. Her area of focus among others includes analysis of Kosovo’s legislation, Public Administration reform, Judiciary Reform and Anti- Corruption.

Bardha holds a Master Degree in International Law from AU Washington College of Law, United States and a BA in law from University of Prishtina, Faculty of Law. She was a scholar of USAID Transformational Leadership Programme. After college she has worked as a paralegal at a private law firm where she has expanded her experience and knowledge in the legal field. She has also worked at the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Kosovo and as a researcher at the Kosovar Center for Security Studies where she has conducted research in the international legal cooperation in criminal matters.

Involved in the following publications:

June 21, 2017

Policy Analysis

An Analysis of the Vetting Process in Albania