Bárbara Matias

international and European integration issues

Bárbara Matias is a Non-resident / Affiliated Research Fellow at the Group for Legal and Political Studies. Her research focus includes rule of law, international and European integration issues, primarily the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and the EU enlargement strategy.

Bárbara was a Fulbright graduate scholar at Columbia University in New York, USA. There she completed her MA in Human Rights Studies and was invited to be an undergraduate lecturer. Her academic background is International Relations and Political Science, with a concentration in migration, forced displacement and European affairs. She has served as keynote speaker for the High Commissioner for Migration in Portugal.

Bárbara has previously interned at the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division of NATO, in Brussels, Belgium, where she integrated teams focused on defense capacity-building of partner nations from Southeast Europe and the Caucasus, and at the Operations Unit of Eurojust, in The Hague, The Netherlands, being involved reporting on operational coordination of illegal immigration and trafficking of human beings cases. Her international background also includes work at the Portuguese diplomatic missions in Austria and Sweden.

Involved in the following publications:

January 26, 2021

Policy Analysis

Electoral Reform in Kosovo: A comparative study