Ardi Shatri

Project Manager

Ardi Shatri joined GLPS in January 2024. He has a very holistic experience from the public and private sectors, alongside a deep-seated commitment to civil society efforts. Prior to this, Ardi was engaged at the Ministry of Economy, particularly within the Department of Energy, where he played a crucial role in energy policy during his four-yeear tenure. His professional journey also spans the private sector, notably through his engagement as a lead of Gjirafa’s esports program, demonstrating a remarkable ability to integrate technological acumen with community engagement. Additionally, Ardi is engaged as an instructor at Leadership Institute for Future Engineers (LIFE), where he lectures the Business and Leadership course, emphasizing his dedication to fostering the next generation of leaders.

Ardi’s involvement in civil society is distinguished by over four years of engagement with Levizja FOL, focusing on anti-corruption policies. He was initially involved in the high school debate program until he found the organization Debate Center, an initiative that has greatly contributed to Kosovo’s educational framework by offering comprehensive debate programs for high-school and university students, thus sharpening their analytical and public speaking skills. Ardi is very experienced in the art of communication whereby he often delivers specialized training in public speaking, argumentation, debating, and communication across various forums, including civil society organizations, the private sector, and numerous institutions. His academic achievements are highlighted by his completion of Master studies in International Economic Policy Analysis at the University of Westminster, through the Young Cell Scheme scholarship. Ardi’s lifelong passion for debate, beginning in high school and continuing through his university years, not only showcases his participation but also his commitment to cultivating future generations in the art of debate and public discourse, underscoring his belief in the transformative power of dialogue and effective communication.

Email: [email protected]