Russia’s Increasing Exploitation of Fragile Peace: from northern Kosovo region to global issues

March 7, 2023

This Policy Analysis will delve into how Russian disruptive actions, namely disinformation campaigns, have triggered escalated regional tensions between Kosovo and Serbia in Northern Kosovo that erupted this summer yet continue until today. Northern Kosovo appears as a critical target of the wider ‘soft aggression’ the Kremlin is executing in complementarity to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and one carrying the high probability of EU and/or NATO reaction should the situation escalate in the Schengen or Alliance vicinity We situate such disruptive actions within the scope of Russia’s crisis-export strategy as an integral part of their foreign policy direction and aims, especially in neighboring regions. Thereafter, the final section explores the broader perspective of the Russian crisis-export policy, putting forth examples of global issues Russia has had a fundamental hand in unsettling, with consequences for the Western Balkans and wider European stability and security.

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