Rule of Law Performance Index in Kosovo (RoLPIK) – 4th Edition

October 23, 2018

Rule of Law Performance Index in Kosovo (RoLPIK) is a monitoring mechanism developed to assess the performance of rule of law institutions, with particular focus on the justice system. This index will serve as a platform of open and accessible data for the broader public, and will present the performance of institutions of justice system in Kosovo in recent years. More concretely, this index contains indicators that provide data on perceptions and experiences of citizens of the Republic of Kosovo in relation to the rule of law institutions, as well as structural data representing reasons that are precondition for an efficient and independent functioning of these institutions. The first edition of the performance index, besides analyzing the perception of citizens on the aforementioned institutions, was mainly focused on measuring the performance of the courts. The second edition assessed the performance of prosecutorial system, focusing on whole levels of prosecutions, with particular focus on the performance of each prosecution during 2013-2015, as well as it analyses the data of citizen perceptions derived from the second survey conducted during December 2016. Third edition analyzed the citizen perception survey data conducted during June 2017, as well as justice system performance during the investigation phase, trial and resolution of cases during 2013-2016. Whereas this edition, analyzes the forth citizen perception survey conducted during June 2018, and it measures the justice system performance in relation to investigation, trial and resolution of cases during 2013- 2017.

For Albanian version of the report, please click here. For infographics in Albanian, please click here.

For Serbian version, please click here. For infographics in Serbian, please click here.

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