Rule of Law Performance Index in Kosovo – Edition VIII

May 13, 2023

The Rule of Law Performance Index Kosovo (RoLPIK) is a monitoring mechanism designed to evaluate the work of institutions with a special focus on the justice system in Kosovo. RoLPIK already serves as a platform with open data, accessible to the general public, where from 2013 to 2022, the performance of the institutions of the justice system in Kosovo is analyzed and reflected, and where the data on perceptions and experiences of the citizens of Kosovo for the activities of these institutions throughout the years is provided. RoLPIK – 8th edition contains data related to citizen perception concerning the law enforcement institutions, the performance
reports of courts and prosecution offices and the budget allocated for the judicial and prosecutorial system during 2022. These data are based on three components, a) the measurement of citizen perception in relation to law enforcement institutions through a survey conducted with 1,065
respondents1; b) the efficiency of the judiciary based on the official performance reports of the courts and prosecutions at the country level; and c) the budget allocation for the judicial and prosecutorial system in relation to the overall budget of the Republic of Kosovo.

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