Rule of Law Checklist for Kosovo: New Report, Old Crisis?

November 22, 2021

This report monitors and assesses the current state of the Rule of Law in Kosovo, based on the Rule of Law’s Checklist, developed and adopted by the Venice Commission. This Checklist is used as a tool for a systematic and comprehensive assessment of the fundamental pillars of the rule of law. This is the First Edition and covers the period May-October 2021, but it is not limited to it.

To download the Albanian version, please click here.

To download the Serbian version, please click here.

This activity is part of the project entitled “Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the principles of rule of law in Kosovo based on the checklist of the Council of Europe for the Rule of Law”, funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo, and implemented by the Group for Legal and Political Studies.

Policy Analysis

Rule of Law Checklist for Kosovo: New Report, Old Crisis?

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