Reforming the Pension System in Kosovo: GLPS hosted a Policy Roundtable and Released a Policy Report

December 12, 2012

On 7 December 2012, Group for Legal and Political Studies hosted a roundtable and released a Policy Report on the topic of pension system in Kosovo. The panelists generally agreed that the current pension system need be reformed and redesigned. However, panelists provided diverse opinions regarding the success of the current pension system while offering alternatives for a new pension system. A special focus was devoted to the means that aim to establish a pension system that is both socially inclusive and financially sustainable.

GLPS also released a Policy Report on the pensions system, entitled: Pension System in Kosovo: Review of Current State, Main Challenges and Gaps”, which can be accessed here. The Policy Report illustrates the main gaps and challenges inherent within the current pension system, as well as their current and future implications, analyses the impact of the current pension schemes, and offers a list of policy recommendations regarding the future design of the pension system in Kosovo.

Policy Roundtable: “The Pension System in Kosovo: social inclusiveness, financial sustainability and social implications for the elderly”


  1. Ms. Erza Pula, Group for Legal and Political Studies (Presenter of the Policy Report)
  2. Ms. Daniela Zampini, Program Director, UNDP Inclusive Growth Program;
  3. Mr. Liburn Aliu, MP, Self-determination Movement (VV);
  4. Mr. Gezim Kelmendi, MP, Party of Justice;
  5. Mr. Agron Krasniqi, Deputy Director of KPST;
  6. Ms. Zineta Daci, Chair of the Kosovo Economic and Social Council;
  7. Mr. Haxhi Arifi, CEO of  the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosova (BSPK);
  8. Mr. Hasan Berisha, Secretary, Association of Pensioners of Kosovo;
  9. Representatives from the parliamentary committees, government, civil society organizations, and foreign embassies and international institutions in Kosovo.

Chair: Mr. Fisnik Korenica, Group for Legal and Political Studies

Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Venue: The Swiss Diamond Hotel, Prishtina, Kosovo

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