Public Discussion on the required changes to the legal framework pertaining to the organization and functioning of the justice system

June 1, 2016

On 1 June 2016, Group for Legal and Political Studies and the Committee on Legislation, Mandates, Immunities and Oversight of the Anti-Corruption Agency jointly hosted a Roundtable Discussion on the topic: ‘The functioning of the judiciary in Kosovo. How much change in the legislative framework do we really need? The aim of this discussion was to address the necessity for further improvements to the legislation which regulates the organization and functioning of the judicial and prosecutorial system. A year after the last amendments to the justice system law package occur, the debate on whether these laws have addressed the needs of the system has re-emerged. Given the importance that this reform process has, GLPS and the Committee on Legislation lunched a series of discussions involving all relevant stakeholders and experts, with the aim to debate about challenges and possible changes in the legal framework. The roundtable discussion was attended by the member of the Assembly of Kosovo as part of the Committee on Legislation, the representatives of the Prosecutorial Council of Kosovo, the Judicial Council of Kosovo, the Office of the Disciplinary Counsel, the Ministry of Justice, EULEX, OSCE, the EU Office in Kosovo, the Anti-Corruption Agency. Representatives from the embassies, civil society and media were also present. The participants outlined the importance of having the civil society included in the process of amending laws, and furthermore, the representatives of the Committee on Legislation pointed out that a good coordination among MP’s, rule of law institutions, civil society and other relevant stakeholders would be of great benefit towards the improvement of the legal framework pertaining to the organization and functioning of the judiciary. A comprehensive input document including the policy recommendations deriving from this discussion has been published. This input would serve as a baseline discussion material that aims, among others, help open and foster the debate about the justice reform package. To access the recommendations, please click here.


Ms. Selvije Halimi – Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Legislation;

Mr. Armend Zemaj – Member, the Committee on Legislation of the Assembly of Kosovo;

Mr. Agim Maliqi – Kosovo Judicial Council;

Mr. Idain Smaijli – Kosovo Prosecutorial Council;

Ms. Hasime Morina – The Office of the Disciplinary Counsel;

Mr. Mentor Borovci – Head of Legal Department at the Ministry of Justice.

Venue: Orion Conference Centre (opposite of ABC Cinema), Prishtina

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