Press Conference on ‘Who are the Kosovars most willing to migrate to EU countries?’ – A Study on migration of Kosovars

February 14, 2015

On 14 February 2015, Group for Legal and Political Studies held a Press Conference and released a Policy Analysis on the topic of migration, entitled: “Study on migration of Kosovars: Who are the Kosovo citizens most willing to migrate to EU countries?. The analysis includes a quantitative assessment based on the data provided by the Kosovo European Perspective Questionnaire (2014) and the characteristics that affect the growth of citizens’ willingness to migrate. Furthermore, the Policy Analysis provides a list of concrete recommendations for the Kosovo Government to mitigate this trend of citizen migration towards EU countries. GLPS has monitored the migration process especially in terms of its impact to the Visa Liberalization Process, which is an important factor not only technically but also in terms of perception that Kosovo creates towards EU Member States. As for the results of the survey conducted in 2014, the percentage of persons that have shown readiness to migrate in one of the EU countries has increased for 26% compared to the year 2012, respectively from 34% to 43%. Migration is considered to be a costly process, especially the illegal migration. Therefore, with the recent migration, Kosovo is exporting wealth and as a result this is an impoverishing process for the country. Among other recommendations provided in the Policy Analysis, Group for Legal and Political Studies recommends to the Government to design an awareness campaign based on an ongoing and substantial strategy which informs the citizens in details about the EU policies for migration and the consequences of illegal migration among other. This policy analysis is a result of a long-term research and work that Group for Legal and Political Studies has done, by analyzing and monitoring the key factors that increased the citizens’ readiness to migrate to EU countries. To access the Policy Analysis, please click here.

Policy Analysis

Who are the Kosovars most willing to migrate to EU countries? – An empirical perspective

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