Press Conference on the Accountability of Independent Regulatory Agencies in Kosovo

August 28, 2017

On September 17, Group for Legal and Political Studies held a Press Conference to release a Policy Report entitled: ‘Accountability of Independent Regulatory Agencies in Kosovo: A view on current perspectives and key challenges’, held in Prishtina. This report is published at a time when Kosovo is facing major problems of accountability and transparency of independent institutions. Given the importance of the accountability element in the IRAs functioning, particularly in the context of Kosovo (low levels of parliamentary oversight, high levels of corruption) this report examines and measures the accountability of independent regulators operating in Kosovo. The report is structured as follows: the first section maps regulatory agencies in Kosovo based in legislation; the second section operationalizes the concept for measurement purposes, utilizing the accountability index to assess the levels of accountability for all functioning regulators in Kosovo. The last section offers a set of policy recommendations aimed at increasing the accountability of IRAs in Kosovo. To access the Policy Report, please click here.


 Date: Saturday, 26 August 2017

 Place: Group for Legal and Political Studies Office

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