Potential Migrant’s Profile 2.0: Who are the citizens most likely to migrate?

February 25, 2021

Photo by Trinity Moss on Unsplash

Given the persisting political instability, the many socio-economic challenges and the current status of pandemic, this Policy Analysis aims to update Kosovo’s potential migrant’s profile and to identify the main characteristics of the citizens willing to migrate, hence constructing the ‘Potential Migrant’s Profile 2.0’. To this purpose, in December 2019 and June 2020, GLPS conducted two surveys aiming to measure the willingness to migrate in Kosovo. A novelty of the June 2020 survey is that it allows for an assessment of whether the lockdown and the consequences of the pandemic have affected the citizens’ willingness to migrate, remittance inflow and frequency, as well as employment. This Analysis also aims to provide a comparative approach by pinpointing any differences between the willingness to migrate, and the migrant’s profile, before and after the pandemic. The Analysis is organized as follows: Section II presents the data and descriptive statistics of the survey results. Section III then provides information on the potential migrant’s profile, marking the main characteristics of those citizens willing to migrate. It also draws comparisons with the results of the survey conducted in 2015 and 2019. Section V analyses the social and economic effects of the pandemic on respondents. Section VI provides an overall conclusion of the analysis.

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