Policy Roundtable: “Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue in the aftermath of the latest political shifts in Serbia, and the Administrative Office for the Northern Kosovo”

June 29, 2012

Event Summary:
On 29 June 2012, Group for Legal and Political Studies hosted a policy roundtable on the newly-created Administrative Office for the Northern Kosovo, the latest political shifts in Serbia, and the impact of both on the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue.

The participants generally focused on the following questions/topics of interest: : a) is there any room for Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia in the aftermath of political changes in Serbia, and the new Serbian presidential approach towards Kosovo; b) how successful could the strategy for a Dialogue between high-rank state officials be?; c) the scope and expectations from the new Kosovo’s Government Administrative Office for the North, and the European Union’s approach towards the northern Kosovo, and finally, d) the prospects of normalization of the situation in the northern Kosovo within or outside the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue.

Group for Legal and Political Studies also released a Policy Note (04/2012) entitled: “The Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue and Shifts in the Political Leadership in Serbia: Ready to Resume, but not Prepared for Progress?”

Key Speakers:

1. Ms. AdrijanaHodzic, Chief, Administrative Office for the North;

2. Mr. Ibrahim Gashi, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

3. Mr. Sadri Ferati, Member of Parliament, (LDK)

4. Mr. Burim Ramadani, Member of Parliament, (AAK);

5. Mr. Qemaj lMarmullakaj, Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister for Dialogue;

6. Mr. Hysen Dyrmishi, Movement for Self-Determination;

7. Mr. Astrit Gashi, Editor in Chief, ZERI Newspaper;

8. Mr. Belul Beqaj, Analyst on Kosovo-Serbia Relations


Mr. FisnikKorenica, Group for Legal and Political Studies

Date:Friday, June 29, 2012

Venue: Hotel Sirus (‘Pictor’ Conference Room) 3rd Floor,

Str‘ AgimRamadani’, Prishtine, Kosovo

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