Policy Roundtable: “Ethnic communities’ political parties in Kosovo: quality of representation, challenges in protecting ethnic community interests, and their sustainability”

June 26, 2012

On 26 June 2012, Group for Legal and Political Studies hosted a policy roundtable on the representation of ethnic minority communities in Kosovo, the current challenges for minority political parties and the representation of ethnic minorities, and the potential for better representation of minority communities in Kosovo.

In addition to focusing on the general topic, the Roundtable Discussion sparked debate about the following issues a) how representative and vibrant are ethnic community political parties in Kosovo, with a special emphasis on Serbian political parties, b) is there room for a more vibrant ethnic community political scene and the extent to which the current ethnic communities’ political parties represent their electorate’s needs and interests, c) what stories of success can be utilized in explaining to other critics the real benefits of ethnic communities’ political parties role in integrating their electorate in Kosovo’s public life, and d) what modes for increasing the ethnic communities’ political parties responsibility, legitimacy and function exist?

Key Speakers:

  1. Mr. PetarMiletić, Vice-President, Assembly of Kosovo
  2. Mr. GoranMarinković, Chairperson, Committee on Rights, Interests of Communities and Returns, Assembly of Kosovo;
  3. Mr. FilipPavlovic, President, OJQ Fractal;
  4. Mr. MomčiloTrajković, President, Serbian Resistance Movement – Democratic Movement;
  5. Mr. ArtanAliaj, Representative, NDI;
  6. Mr. IsakVorgućić, Director, Radio KIM;
  7. Mr. GazmenSalijevic,European Centre for Minority Issues, (ECMI);
  8. Mr. BudimirNićić, Independent Journalist;
  9. Representatives from the parliamentary committees, government, civil society organizations, and foreign embassies and international institutions in Kosovo.


Mr. FisnikKorenica, Group for Legal and Political Studies

Date:Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Venue: Media Center, Cagllavica, Kosovo

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