Policy Roundtable: ‘Building a model of participation: hopes and realities in establishing a new Serbian (public) TV broadcaster’

February 6, 2012

rtk2Event Summary
On February 2, Group for Legal and Political Studies hosted a policy roundtable about the role that a new Serbian public TV broadcaster would in general have vis-à-vis the participation of ethnic communities in the public life. A special focus in this roundtable discussion was devoted to the effects that this new media framework in Kosovo will assemble in relation to reducing misinformation, increasing the quality and frequency of the flow of information, starting new inter/intra-ethnic dialogue, building new communication bridges, and helping Serbian community living in Kosovo mainstream their interests through media.

Except being focused on the way this TV broadcaster will benefit the community, the panelists discussed the design, competences and framework that the new draft-law on public television of Kosovo has reserved for the Serbian TV broadcaster. In this respect, panelists focused on the following issues: a) whether the current design of the Serbian TV channel permits the latter to play its role on the basis of professionalism and impartiality, b) what are the main challenges/difficulties in establishing an independent, community/public-oriented TV channel, c) how are the schemes of its supervision and/or financial support, and d) what are the main issues of concern that surround the establishment of this TV channel.

Policy Roundtable:
“Building a model of participation: hopes and realities in establishing a new Serbian (public) TV channel”

Key Speakers:
Ms. Anamari Repić, Deputy-General Director, RTK;
H.E. Ernst Reichel, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kosovo;
Mr. Goran Marinković, Chairperson, Committee on Rights, Interests of Communities and Returns, Assembly of Kosovo;
Mr. Milivoje Stojanović, Member of the Committee for Media, Assembly of Kosovo;
Mr. Budimir Nićić, Executive Director, Media Center Cagllavica;
Mr. Sasa Ilic, President of Strategic Kosovo Action Network (KSAM);
Mr. Andrew Clayton, Chief of Party, Strengthening Independent Minority Media, IREX, Kosovo; and,
Mr. Isak Vorgućić, Director, Radio KIM.

Mr. Fisnik Korenica, Group for Legal and Political Studies

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2012

Venue: Media Centre in Cagllavice (Medija Centru u Čaglavici), Çagllavicë, Kosovo.

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