Manifesto for Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

June 7, 2019

European Union, its member states, and most importantly, the US, should insist in a final agreement that will not antagonize their beliefs about and obliterate their share in what is the most successful story of state- building in a post-conflict context.

Relations between Kosovo and Serbia may rarely be explained outside the realm of furor and anger. Causes remain deeply embedded in histories of both nations (Albanians and Serbs) and their competing narratives. The centre of the narrative is the Schism- a divide which questions what Kosovo epitomizes – that habitually applies as an excuse, a cause, and equally, as a relief for Serbs and Albanians alike. Eleven (11) years after Kosovo’s independence understanding the Schism became more complex. At present it symbolizes a “blend” of reasons, emotions, histories and dramas of power politics.

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