Kosovo’s Agreement with Partnership for Peace: What needs to be done and how?

July 22, 2022

This Policy Analysis looks into NATO-Kosovo relations and possibility of formalizing, in this case by the instance of Kosovo joining NATO’s Partnership for Peace (PfP) framework. For context, we present NATO’s varied forms of formal partnership framework before converging on the PfP in more detail. Secondly, the Analysis looks at a potential NATO partnership from the Kosovar perspective, on why and how the Government has actively sought alignment by means of transforming its security forces and building its armed forces in accordance to NATO standards. Finally, the Analysis considers if the outbreak of war in Ukraine may play in Kosovo’s benefit when it comes to achieving a formal partnership with the Western military Alliance. The paper will conclude to show that Kosovo has a long road to pave until reaching all accepted criteria for NATO accession and, as such, the Government should put heavy efforts into lobbying for other forms of proper, formal partnership with NATO, therein still elevating bilateral relations and Kosovo’s security guarantees.

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