Increasing the Effectiveness of the Fight against Illicit Wealth in Kosovo

March 16, 2016

On 16 March 2016, Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) hosted a Panel Discussion on the topic: ‘Increasing the Effectiveness of the Fight against Illicit Wealth in Kosovo’, at Swiss Diamond Hotel. This Panel served as an opportunity to elaborate on the increase of institutional effectiveness in the fight against illicit wealth in Kosovo, particularly the concrete results achieved and measured through the assessment of data on confiscated wealth. At the beginning of the Discussion, Group for Legal and Political Studies, presented a draft Policy Note entitled: “Mapping Confiscation of Criminalized Wealth: What does it show?”  The draft Note reflects upon the concrete results achieved by relevant institutions, and provides a set of recommendations to increase the institutional effectiveness in this battle. Participants also reflected upon: a) current challenges of the prosecutorial and judicial system in fighting illicit enrichment through confiscation, b) horizontal coordination of key institutions, c) institutional willingness to implement the foreseen measures by legislation, and d) adequate legislative changes needed to increase the effectiveness of institutions in fighting illicit wealth. Among other issues, panelists agreed that political corruption remains the key problem to rule of law, and that the current results in terms of confiscated illicit wealth remain very low. The President of the Basic Court of Prishtina, declared that “corruption has become a standard of life”. Furthermore, both panelists and participants, expressed their willingness to further cooperate in effectively fighting corruption, and welcomed the involvement of civil society.

Panelists in attendance:

Ms. Louise Taylor – Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy in Kosovo;

Mr. Hamdi Ibrahimi – President, Basic Court of Prishtina;

Mr. Shqipdon Fazliu – National Coordinator for Fight against Economic Crimes;

Ms. Ariana Qosaj -Mustafa – Program Director and Senior Researcher, KIPRED;

Mr. Rrahim Rama – Director, Agency for Management of Sequestrated or Confiscated Assets.

Venue: Swiss Diamond Hotel (Ulpiana Hall) – Mother Theresa Square, Prishtina

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