Group for Legal and Political Studies Held a Roundtable to Discuss the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue and Release a Policy Analysis

March 29, 2013

On 29 March 2013, Group for Legal and Political Studies held a Panel Discussion on the following topic: ‘What to expect after April 2: Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue and the Prospects for a Durable Solution.’ The Panel Discussion opened with the presentation of a new GLPS Policy Analysis, written by Mr. Agron Bajrami, Editor in Chief of Koha Ditore, entitled “Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue: Windows of Opportunity or a House of Cards?” The Policy Analysis examines the history of the Dialogue and analyzes the advancement of the political dialogue which began in October 2012. The Report identifies ‘windows of opportunity’ for moving ahead with a successful Dialogue and identifies the challenges that could hinder the process and transform the Dialogue into a ‘house of cards’. The Report also identifies eleven key conclusions that should shape the way forward. There were a number of key discussion points during the Panel Discussion including the lack of transparency of the Dialogue, the inconsistency of opinions between the Government of Kosovo and Government of Serbia surrounding agreements, and the issue of the North of Kosovo. The Policy Analysis could be downloaded by clicking here.

Panelists in Attendance:

  1. Mr. Agron Bajrami, Editor in Chief of KohaDitore & Author of the Report;
  2. Mr. Skender Hyseni, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Member of the Kosovo Assembly, LDK;
  3. Mr. Shpend Ahmeti, Deputy President, LëvizjaVetëvendosje;
  4. Mr. AugustinPalokaj, Brussels-based journalist, KohaDitore daily

Moderated by:

FisnikKorenica, Group for Legal and Political Studies

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