GLPS Team monitors local elections 2013 in Kosovo

November 4, 2013

GLPS was excited to play a part in Kosovo’s local elections which took place on Sunday, November 3. Each member of the GLPS staff was certified as an election observer by Kosovo’s Central Election Commission (CEC). Election observers were tasked with reporting all cases of observed malpractice to the CEC. Small teams from GLPS deployed to polling stations throughout Kosovo to observe practices of voting and ballot-counting. After a long day of observation, the election observers from GLPS saw election day come to a close. While we are saddened by the violent events that occurred in the North of Kosovo that hindered free and fair elections in the northern municipalities, we were happy to observe few incidents of malpractice in other municipalities. We hope that this election can serve as a foundation for free and fair election practices to come.

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