GLPS & PCFR hosted a Panel Discussion on French Foreign Policy Towards Kosovo, and released a policy report on this topic

May 23, 2014

‘France’s Foreign Policy Towards Kosovo – What future for cooperation?’ is the next in the series of policy reports jointly published by GLPS and PCFR, in a Panel Discussion organized on 19 May 2014 at EUICC in Prishtina.  This report first explains and analyzes the context in which the relationship between France and Kosovo has evolved, to be followed by analysis of the current areas of cooperation, and France’s policy with respect towards these areas. A special attention is also given to France’s role in multilateral institutions, and in the European Union, especially given the current process of European rapprochement in the Western Balkans. Finally, recommendations in the paper are provided with respect to the two countries’ political relationship, France’s engagement towards minority rights, French cultural and educational engagement in Kosovo, and the improvement of business relationships. The Policy Report could be downloaded by clicking here.

Panelists at the Panel Discussion:

1.    H.E. Maryse Daviet, French Ambassador to Kosovo;
2.    Ms. Engjellushe Morina, Chair of the Prishtina Council on Foreign Relations;
3.    Mr. Qëndrim Gashi, President, French Alliance in Prishtina;
4.    Mr. Fisnik Korenica, Group for Legal and Political Studies, Chair of the panel.



EUICC, Prishtina

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