GLPS organized a Roundtable Discussion on the topic: “The Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia: Long Path to an Agreement?

October 2, 2018

On October 02, Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) hosted a Roundtable Discussion on the topic: “The Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia: Long Path to an Agreement?”, held at Hotel Swiss Diamond in Prishtina. The aim of this event was to discuss the latest developments that occurred in the process of the dialogue with Serbia. Within the series of debates about the final phase of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, GLPS aims to offer a platform to discuss the key issues that have recently triggered a lot of debate.  In addition, special emphasis was given to the possibility of exchange of territories, final form of the legally binding agreement and the possibility of a referendum. Furthermore, this discussion tended to expose opportunities and consequences that this phase of the Dialogue might entail for the consolidation of Kosovo’s statehood and its status at the international scene. At the beginning, an introductory presentation was made with specific focus to the aspects of international law and constitutional right over the mandate of the President to negotiate the citizenship of the Republic of Kosovo and the sovereignty of its territory in relation to the Kosovo Dialogue Serbia. The introductory presentation was given by Prof. Dr. Hasani, Former President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo, and Prof. Dr. Bajrami, Professor of the Constitutional Law at the University of Prishtina. First to address the audience was Prof. Hasani, who among others, stated that the only reference point should be the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, the provisions of which clearly determine that the only body responsible for each inch of the territory of our country is the Assembly of Kosovo. In addition, Prof. Bajrami said that the principle of a non-negotiable borders was present even before the Independence was declared in 2008. The Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo does mandate the President to lead foreign policy but not to orient it. Thus, for any process that the President might interested to lead, such as the dialogue with Serbia, it is mandatory for him to be given the power by the Assembly of Kosovo, who is the representative of the people of Kosovo, he added. The discussion than continued with the heads of parliamentary groups of main political parties in Kosovo, and first to address the audience was Mr. Hoti from LDK. During his speech, he highlighted the importance of reaching a political consensus for the process in order to proceed further, while he reiterated that the legitimacy to lead the dialogue with Serbia can be won only by the vote given by the members of parliament. In addition, Mr. Konjufca from Levizja Vetevendosje said that unfortunately political figures are above institutions. There is a resolution at the Assembly of Kosovo which clearly states who can lead the dialogue with Serbia, therefore, the President of Kosovo should first overcome this resolution, since the Assembly regulations stipulate that such resolutions are mandatory, he added. On the other hand, Mr. Gorani from Social Democratic Party stated that it is shocking how the international community’s interest towards finding a solution for both countries is in a such low level, and that Kosovo political spectrum should seriously commit in finding a joint position/platform in order to proceed further in concluding this process. Next to address the audience was Mr. Isufi who said that the current government and the Prime Minister of Kosovo are very clear towards the idea of exchange of territories, hence, the Prime Minister states that such an option means a new war. In addition, Mr. Sherifi from Nisma said that Kosovo’s political spectrum should seriously work towards reaching a political consensus and in establishing a joint platform in order to continue with the process, and that it is highly important for Kosovo who is leading the process.


Prof. Dr. Enver Hasani – Former President of the Constitutional Court of Kosovo;

Prof. Dr. Arsim Bajrami – Professor of the Constitutional Law, University of Prishtina.

Mr. Avdullah Hoti –  Head of the LDK Parliamentary Group;

Mr. Glauk Konjufca – Head of the LVV Parliamentary Group;

Mr. Dukagjin Gorani – Member of Parliament from PSD;

Mr. Ahmet Isufi – Head of the AAK Parliamentary Group;

Mr. Bilall Sherifi – Head of the Nisma Parliamentary Group.


Venue: Hotel Swiss Diamond (Ulpiana Hall), 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo.

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