GLPS launches the first Centre for Strategic Litigation in Kosovo

November 30, 2020

On November 19,2020, the Center for Strategic Litigation (CSL) has officially been launched. CSL is the newest platform created by the Group for Legal and Political Studies, and the first of its kind in Kosovo.  The launching conference was attended by the Ambassador of Sweden in Prishtina H.E. Ms. Karin Hernmarck, Executive Director of the Community Development Fund (CDF) Mrs. Nermin Mahmuti, and the Executive Director of GLPS Mrs. Arbëresha Loxha-Stublla.

The Center for Strategic Litigation was established to protect citizens from injustices and violations of their fundamental rights by public institutions in Kosovo, as well as to promote respect for human rights by all. The Center aims to achieve this through strategic litigation, or in other words, by sending to court strategic cases from which a large number of citizens can benefit. The center selects cases which serve the public interest and which can bring positive reforms in our society, and then sends these cases to the court or public administration. Also, through continuous advocacy, the Center aims to inform the public about certain violations of public institutions and that together with public pressure to achieve the legal, social and political changes we need in our society in Kosovo.

During the conference, Ambassador Hernmarck emphasized the problem of overcrowding of the judicial system in Kosovo and praised the initiative of the GLPS to establish such a Center. “You are the first Center of its kind in Kosovo and I hope that we will all see great progress of this initiative. This Center will enable citizens to really benefit from the services provided. “Finding cases strategically and treating them for the benefit of the common good will greatly contribute to civic well-being in Kosovo,” she concluded.

Moreover, Ms. Mahmuti said that “The Center is a platform that aims to help the rule of law in Kosovo through the development of strategic litigation and this goal is really to identify cases from which not only one individual but many other citizens can also benefit. We as CDF work together with the Center for Strategic Litigation and our goal is to identify strategic cases, or cases from which many citizens can benefit. After this process, the Center as such prepares and sends them before the courts or public administration “, concluded Mrs. Mahmuti.

Whereas Ms. Loxha-Stublla said that: “The Center was established with the aim of protecting the citizens of Kosovo from injustices and numerous violations of their rights by public institutions in Kosovo; as well as to promote respect for human rights by all.”

The Center for Strategic Litigation encourages all those citizens who believe that their rights have been violated by a public institution in Kosovo, whether through an action or inaction, to apply to the Center to ensure that their rights are respected. To apply you must download and complete the application form provided on the website and or send it to the address of the Center

For more information we invite you to visit our website or for any questions write to us at [email protected].

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