GLPS held the Second Meeting of the National Working Group for Monitoring Public Administration Reform in Kosovo

October 26, 2017

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On October 26,  Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS)  held the 2nd meeting of the National Working Group (NWG) for Monitoring Public Administration Reform in Kosovo. Most of the members of the NWG participated at this meeting where they provided their inputs, concerns and recommendations regarding monitoring of the Public Administration Reform (PAR) in Kosovo. The NWGs are national consultative mechanism for participation of civil society in the dialogue with relevant public authorities on design and monitoring of PAR processes in the Western Balkans. NWGs are constituted in each of the Western Balkans country as national extensions for dialogue on PAR of the wider mechanism – regional WeBER Platform. Currently Kosovo has 12 members. During the first session, GLPS presented the progress of the WeBER PAR Monitor in Kosovo by informing the participants that following the finalization of the methodology, WeBER has started its first monitoring phase this September. GLPS also recalled that WeBER monitoring methodology relies in several data sources amongst others government websites and official data/documents, surveys, interviews with public officials and focus groups. In addition, we shared with the members the very first observations from monitoring the first indicators which rely on data from government websites and official data and reports. Furthermore, the grantees of the WeBER grant scheme presented their activities which conducted during the monitoring phase and the overall progress of the implementation of their project. One of the most important factors of their work is the need to further enhance cooperation between CSOs and local institutions. Finally, members of NWG provided valuable inputs which need to be addressed during the Third Regional Platform to be held in Skopje. Western Balkans Enabling Project for Civil Society Monitoring of Public Administration Reform – WeBER – is a three-year project financed by the European Union and co-financed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  You can find more about project here.

Venue: Group for Legal and Political Studies Office (str. Rexhep Luci, 16/1, Prishtina, Kosovo)

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