GLPS held a Press Conference to Release the Third Assessment Report on Visa Liberalization

September 9, 2013

On 7 September 2013, Group for Legal and Political Studies held a Press Conference and released the Third Assessment Report on the topic of visa liberalization, entitled: “Visa Liberalization Process in Kosovo: An Assessment Matrix of Achievements and Challenges”. To access it, click here. The Matrix presents the current state of the visa liberalization process, examining specifically the 70 Recommendations of the European Commission, and providing monitoring results as to the progress of Kosovo institutions and the remaining challenges. GLPS has applied a specific methodological approach designed to weigh both the dynamic of meeting the Visa-Liberalization Roadmap benchmarks and the 70 European Commission Recommendations, and highlighting the remaining challenges. A specific grid/matrix consisting of individual benchmarks and associated information explains the achievements of Kosovo institutions in meeting the corresponding Visa Liberalization benchmarks. Specific parts of the grid/matrix emphasize the benchmarks to be met and spot the challenges that associate the accomplishment of the reaming benchmarks. To determine the level of implementation of the benchmarks and the 70 EC Recommendations, GLPS has applied specific indicators, which could help both the EC and the Government of Kosovo to better assess the entire list of individual benchmarks/requirements related to the readmission and reintegration, document security, border and migration management, public order and security, and fundamental rights related to the freedom of movement. Per each of the blocks, specific recommendations will represent the achievements of the Republic of Kosovo institutions to implement specific benchmarks grouped according to the associated blocks.

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