GLPS held a Press Conference to publish the Assessment of the First 100 Days of the Kurti II Government

July 1, 2021

Prime Minister Albin Kurti Official Facebook Page

On July 1, Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), held a press conference on the topic: “Assessment of the first 100 days of Government Kurti II”, in Pristina. An overall assessment of the work of the Kurti II government for the first 100 days was presented. Initially, the conference presented the assessments that GLPS has given to the government in five categories, and then a more detailed assessment of the most important sectors of government.

Ms. Agusholli from GLPS stated that the overall performance of the Government Kurti II for the first 100 days has marked a scale of 5.5 out of 10 in total. This rating was measured based on indicators such as election campaign promises and governing program, as well as their implementation in this 100 days. Taking into account the transformative narrative of the Kurti II government, the expectations of the citizens and on the other hand the implementation of policies from health to foreign policy, GLPS concluded that the general performance has been said to be mediocre. Agusholli also stated that in the integrity area the the rating is 8. Integrity was measured by the professionalism of the government cabinet and the involvement of persons appointed in corrupt affairs, adding to the lack of criminal precedents and active cases in the courts.

In addition, GLPS stated that in the field of planning and coordination there are many setbacks and the need for improvement is necessary. It concluded that the program is very broad and without a precise definition of transformative aspects. Whereas in the overall transparency category the government Kurti II, has marked an assessment with a scale of 6.5. This assessment was made by measuring the transparency in relation to the public, the decisions taken by the government departments, as well as by the transparency of the Prime Minister’s Office. The latter has marked a low rating due to closure to the public, media and civil society in many respects. Lastly, Agusholli stated that in these 100 days, a significant deficit has been recorded in the field of completion of professional and political staff in the cabinet of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and in general in the ministerial cabinets, being graded with 3 points.

On the other hand, Mr. Arber Fetahu from GLPS put emphasis on the field of pandemic management of COVID-19 by stating that there was a lack of a clear operational strategy. However, with the provision of a larger number of vaccines and additional measures, pandemic management by day 100 has made solid progress.

In addition, Fetahu stated that in the field of economic recovery Kurti II Government has so far not managed to complete most of the objectives and economic measures in this first quarter. Whereas in the in the area of ​​rule of law the government has taken several initiatives to initiate reforms in this area, namely vetting, confiscation of unjustifiable assets and the establishment of a commercial court. Regarding the legislative agenda, it has been said that the legislative agenda that the Kurti II government has published is extremely ambitious and the timelines are not realistic. Compared to the legislative agendas of the last five years, the Kurti II government has the highest number of new initiatives to amend existing laws.

Lastly, Fetahu argued that in the field of foreign policy there is no clear strategy for Foreign Service reform. Regarding the dialogue with Serbia, GLPS stated that Kurti’s approach in the first meeting in the Dialogue presented a change compared to his predecessors. In addition to the request for recognition from Serbia, Prime Minister Kurti made four proposals that included issues ranging from regional economic co-operation, the peace agreement, to missing persons. On another note, Fetahu from stated that GLPS sees as a deficit the failure to reach internal political consensus on the continuity of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and the lack of a clear dialogue platform where clear objectives are set by the Kosovar side.

Venue: Group for Legal and Political Studies Offices (Str. Rexhep Luci, 16/1, 10000 Pristina, Kosovo)

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