GLPS held a Press Conference to publish the Assessment of the First 100 Days of the Hoti Government

September 16, 2020

On September 16, Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) held a press conference on the topic: “The Assessment of the First 100 Days of Hoti Government”, held in Prishtina. Considering that the Hoti Government just passed its first 100 days, GLPS assessed the overall cabinet’s performance during this period, and an assessment report was published during the conference. The overall assessment was conducted on four main pillars, including: a. the general functioning of the government institutions, cooperation with the coalition partners and the government size; b. the government’s approach towards rule of law reforms, anti-corruption policies and the legislative agenda; c. managing with COVID-19; and d. main developments in the foreign politics, focusing on recognitions, membership in international mechanisms and the dialogue with Serbia.

 Ms. Loxha-Stublla, the Executive Director of GLPS stated that the Hoti government is the second largest one in the past 13 years. “LDK promised a rather small government with 12 ministries and a maximum of 24 deputy ministers, however, the number of deputy minister has doubled from 24 to 46, while to additional ministries were added in comparison to the previous government”, stated Loxha-Stublla. In addition, lack of gender representation, and willingness to push forward major reforms were also identified during this period.

On the other hand, Ms. Arifi, the Programme Manager at GLPS put emphasis on the inappropriate management with the pandemics, including lack of mass testing, contact tracing and a poor communication strategy. On another note, she stated that the Hoti government has failed to ensure unity among political parties when it comes to the dialogue process with Serbia, and so far, the process was characterized with major lack of transparency and a concrete unified platform.

For more information on the assessment of the first 100 days of Hoti Government, please read the report.

Venue: GLPS Offices (Str. “Rexhep Luci”, 16/1, 10000 Prishtina, Kosovo)

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