GLPS held a press conference on the SAA between Kosovo & EU, and released a policy report on its trade impact

January 20, 2014

On 18 January 2013, Group for Legal and Political Studies held a Press Conference on Kosovo-EU Stabilization Association Agreement and released a report on its trade impact, entitled: ‘The Trade Impact of the Kosovo-EU Stabilization and Association Agreement: An assessment of outcomes and implications’. This policy contribution its crucial not only because of its relevance – the SAA negotiations between EU and Kosovo have already started – but also because it can guide both parties throughout the negotiation process regarding the trade related aspects. The policy report is divided into four sections to provide this guidance. Section II will look at trade relations between Kosovo and EU member states. Moreover, this section concentrates on the products most affecting Kosovo‘s imports and exports. Section III concentrates on existing SAAs and their possible reflection on Kosovo‘s SAA. It especially focuses on the SAA provisions regarding industrial and agricultural goods as well as anti-dumping, safeguards and SPS measures. Section IV concentrates on the impact that previous SAAs had on the regional trade and such scenarios possible impact on Kosovo‘s trade. Section V concludes the report and discusses policy implications based on general findings. These findings can be used as guidelines for negotiations between Kosovo and EU, especially for those on trade. Apart from highlighting the possible preferences in trade between EU and Kosovo, this section also provides solutions on how to improve the current trade situation by concentrating on the development and restructuring of the domestic production in face of the SAA impact. The policy report could be downloaded by clicking here.

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