GLPS held a Panel Discussion on the topic: “Progress in implementing the Public Administration Reform: Where does Kosovo Stand”

November 30, 2018

On November 30, Group for Legal and Political Studies held a Panel Discussion on the topic: “Progress in implementing the Public Administration Reform: Where does Kosovo Stand”, held in Prishtina.

For the past three years, Group for Legal and Political Studies together with other think-tanks across the Western Balkan have been exploring public administration reforms (PAR) across the region, providing a civil society perspective. How to demand better administration in the Western Balkans? Why is it important to involve civil society? Why regional approach to improving good governance matters?

As the monitoring process of the WeBER project has been concluded, GLPS held a Panel Discussion to present the National PAR Monitor Report for Kosovo and key insights as to how Kosovo stands in comparison to the other Western Balkan countries. The conference gathered regional stakeholders in the PAR area, among whom the representatives of civil society, government, media, including members of international organizations and diplomatic representatives.

The monitoring results suggest that Kosovo performs best in the area of Policy Development and Coordination and Service Delivery whereas worst in the area of Accountability and Human Resource Management. Nevertheless, the regional results suggest that the front runners in the EU accession process and not really the front runners given the WeBER Monitoring results. More precisely, the overall score suggests that in comparison to other 6 WB countries, Kosovo ranks the second, only to Albania, leaving behind the EU accession process front runners Montenegro and Serbia.


Besnik Tahiri – National Coordinator for State Reforms

Naser Shamolli – Director of the Legal Department, Ministry of Public Administration

Ms. Arjeta Sahiti – Coordination Secretariat, Prime Ministers Office

Rexhep Vasolli – Director of the Department for European Integration and Policy Coordination, Ministry of Finance

Ms. Malgorzata Skocinska – Policy Officer on Public Administration Reform, EU Office Kosovo

Ms. Arbëresha Loxha – WeBER Country Researcher, Group for Legal and Political Studies

Venue: Swiss Diamond Hotel,Ulpiana Hall( Mother Theresa Square, 10000, Pristina, Kosovo)

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