GLPS & DPC-Berlin hosted a Roundtable Discussion on the future of EULEX in Kosovo

April 21, 2014

On 11 April 2014, Group for Legal and Political Studies & Democratization Policy Council-Berlin hosted a Panel Discussion on the following topic: “The Future of EULEX Mandate in Kosovo: Discussing its new Functional and Institutional Design”. The Panel Discussion analyzed the ongoing debate in Kosovo and the European Union on the future of EULEX while promoting a debate that sheds light on the challenges of strengthening the rule of law in the country. The Panel Discussion opened with the presentation of a Policy Report, entitled: “EULEX – towards an integrated exit strategy: Strengthening the rule of law through EU-integration”. The GLPS & DPC Report provides a unique contribution towards the challenges of establishing the rule of law in Kosovo as well as EULEX’s performance in the past, its mandate and the decision-making process regarding the future mission‘s mandate. Furthermore, the report offers insights from the experience of international judges and prosecutors in Bosnia-Herzegovina as a lesson to be learned regarding the future transition of EULEX. The report also lays out an alternative proposal for the future EULEX mission in order to make its achievements sustainable by promoting the rule of law. The report can be downloaded by clicking here.

Panelists in Attendance:

Mr. Bernd Borchardt, Head of EULEX Mission in Kosovo;

Mr. Enver Peci – Head of the Kosovo Judicial Council;

H. E. Robert Bosch, Ambassador, Netherlands Embassy in Kosovo;

Mr. Fisnik Korenica, Group for Legal and Political Studies.


Venue: Orion Conference Centre,

Rexhep Luci, no. 2, Prishtina


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