GLPS and the Committee on Legislation hosted a public discussion on the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest

July 14, 2015

On 14 July 2015, the Group for Legal and Political Studies and the Committee on Legislation, Mandates, Immunities and Oversight of Anti-Corruption Agency organized a public discussion regarding Law No. 04 L-051 on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in Discharge of Public Functions. The aim of this public discussion was to gather government representatives, members of assembly committees, representatives of political parties, the judiciary, and civil society, as well as other stakeholders, with the purpose of reviewing and further elaborating on the proposed changes drafted by the Government of Kosovo and submitted to the Assembly regarding Law No. 04 L-051 on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in the Exercise of Public Office. The national and international officials’ present at the public discussion expressed their opinions and gave significant input regarding the amendments of the current Law on Conflict of Interest. The participants’ thoroughly addressed all issues that the draftlaw should include, in order to reflect regional and EU best practices on the prevention and combating conflict of interest in the exercise of public office in the Republic of Kosovo.

Ms. Haxhiu, Chairwoman of the Committee on Legislation, stated that ‘… Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest should protect the general interest and not the interest of certain individuals.’  Moreover, she said that the draftlaw should be withdrawn as soon as possible and that there should be a legislation package set in place, which would efficiently strengthen the fight against corruption. Mr. Frashër Murtezaj, Head of the Division for Prevention of Conflict of Interest at the Anti-Corruption Agency stated that there have been some crucial recommendations provided by the Agency and delivered to the Ministry of Justice, but that they have not been addressed, so far. Mr. Murtezaj said that ‘… it was an initial request from the Anti-Corruption Agency to amend the current law but there we have not been supported by the Ministry of Justice. Moreover, we consider that the last law sent to us had some minor and insignificant changes, thus we see a strong need for drafting a totally new law.’

Mr. Belul Zeka, a representative of the European Union Office in Kosovo, emphasised that due to non-compliance with EU standards, this law should be replaced with a new more comprehensive and concise law, which is in line with EU and other international standards. Being present at the discussion, most of the members of the Committee on Legislation and representatives of civil society strongly opposed the current draftlaw, arguing that it is in favor of individual interest and serving the interests of certain groups.

The Group for Legal and Political Studies carefully analyzed the draft law and presented its key findings during the discussion. All issues that were raised during the discussion, including all comments and proposals, will be transposed into one single document, which will be reviewed by the Committee during its consideration of the draft law.

To access the GLPS comments regarding Law No. 04 L-051 on Prevention of Conflicts of Interest in Discharge of Public Functions, please click here. To access recommendations given during the Public Discussion, please click here.

 Venue: Orion Conference Centre, Prishtina

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