Fight Against Money Laundering and the Confiscation of Illegally Obtained Assets: A reflection on the current situation

January 21, 2020

This analysis is based on the primary data gained through systematic monitoring of money laundering cases throughout the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, conducted during June – November 2019 by the platform “Justice Today”, which is a platform created through the project “Monitoring the Judicial and Prosecutorial System of Kosovo”, implemented by the Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) and supported by the British Embassy in Pristina. There are nine (9) cases selected for this analysis, which based on the information collected by the Basic and Appeals courts of Kosovo are active cases, the indictments of which consist of the criminal offense of “Money Laundering”. Moreover, the selection of the cases was done to enable the study of the two possibilities of charging a person with money laundering – by treating the criminal offense of “Money Laundering” as a stand-alone criminal offense, or as a consequence of another basic criminal offense. There are total five (5) cases taken as a sample to study the situation where the prosecution has filed an indictment where the criminal offense of “Money Laundering” was the consequence of another criminal offense. Whereas, four (4) of the other cases dealt with in this analysis represent cases where the prosecution has filed an indictment for Money Laundering as a stand-alone criminal offense.

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