ERA I and ERA II: Improving the Business Environment in Kosovo. An Overview into the Kosovo Competition Authority between Accomplishments and Setbacks

March 17, 2022

This analysis is divided into 8 parts. The 1st part describes the origin, purpose, and rationale of launching a European Reform Agenda for Kosovo. The 2nd part deals with the ERA monitoring and reporting process, where a crucial role is played by the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), as well as by the civil society and business organizations. The 3rd section investigates the reason of adopting ERA II. The 4th part is dedicated to Pillar II and its centrality for Kosovo’s future EU membership. Also, it pinpoints the core aspect of strengthening competition policy countrywide on the one hand, while referring to the key role of the KCA in this regard on the other hand. The 5th part covers the KCA’s structure and functioning, by outlining that its modus operandi is still a work in progress. The 6th part examines whether the KCA has been following up on its work. Particularly, the reference is to the 2017 Report on monopolies. The 7th part looks into the similarities and differences between ERA I and ERA II, by also focusing on competition policy. The 8th, and last, part depicts the situation of the KCA’s capacity-building, implementation and understanding of competition policy, as well as legislation-drafting. The analysis ends with key policy recommendations for the relevant stakeholders.

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