Discussion on the impact of the SAA in economic development and foreign direct investments in Kosovo

July 11, 2016

On 11 July 2016, Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), in partnership with Prishtina Institute for Political Studies (PIPS), organized a Roundtable Discussion on the topic: ‘The impact of the SAA in economic development and foreign direct investments in Kosovo’. This roundtable served as an opportunity to discuss the impact that this agreement will have in stimulating economic development and attracting foreign direct investments in Kosovo. At the beginning of the roundtable, panelists outlined the significance of the SAA as a milestone in Kosovo’s path toward European integration. Besides the economic impact, the SAA aims to support Kosovo in strengthening democracy and rule of law, ensure political and institutional stability and enhancing international cooperation.

“The SAA offers a unique opportunity to strengthen rule of law and refocus on economic development of Kosovo” stated the Netherlands Ambassador, Ms. Willems, who was the first to address the audience. Nevertheless, attracting foreign direct investments and trade are impossible without a sustainable legal environment, consequently, rule of law and fight against corruption should be among top priority issues to be addressed by the responsible institutions, concluded Ms. Willems.

In addition, both panelists and participants discussed the opportunities that the SAA might bring towards economic development and in attracting foreign direct investment in Kosovo. On the other hand, they agreed that combating corruption and strengthening rule of law are crucial for improving the environment for potential investors. At the end, panelists requested a constructive cooperation among all the actors involved in the process and the need to act responsibly throughout the implementation of the SAA, concluding that it is up to Kosovo institutions to bring out the best of this agreement. This was the first thematic roundtable organised under the project entitled “Promoting the Stabilization and Association Agreement and Launching of a Public Debate for the European future of Kosovo”,  supported by The Kingdom of Netherlands Embassy in Kosovo and implemented by GLPS and PIPS.


H.E. Ms. Gerrie Willems – Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Kosovo;

Ms. Hikmete Bajrami – Minister of Trade and Industry;

Mr. Kapllan Halimi – Secretary General at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development;

Mr. Shpend Balija – Executive Director at European Council of Investors;

Mr. Bernard Nikaj – Expert and former Minister of Trade and Industry;

Ms. Leonora Kryeziu – Moderator and Executive Director of PIPS.

Venue: Swiss Diamond Hotel, Prishtina.

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