Centre of Expertise on Policymaking Systems in the Western Balkans – CEPS WeB

December 2, 2016

Under the support of the Regional Research Promotion Programme (RRPP), six organisations from the Western Balkans (part of the Think for Europe Network – TEN) have partnered to implement a six-months long project entitled “Achieving Excellence through Regional Cooperation”. Closing the project activities, on December 2016, partners have officially launched the Centre of Excellence on Policy Making in the Western Balkans. The Centre aims to enhance the efforts of the TEN member organisations by facilitating a more structured and consistent approach towards advocating for better policy making processes in the region. In addition, it will serve as a special unit that will work as a source of fresh ideas, innovation, knowledge management and sharing, and capacity building. Furthermore, the Centre is oriented towards creating demand and raising awareness of the necessity for policy research and analysis at the regional level where this demand is low, through joint policy research and advocacy. The project itself included numerous workshops and events, as well as drafting of a CEPS WeB Position Paper that can be found here.

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