Assessment of the Implementation of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2017

April 24, 2017

Given that sustainable development and combating corruption is of crucial importance for a well-functioning democracy, this Policy Report aims to monitor the implementation of Kosovo’s Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan 2013-2017. The Report highlights the progress of the Kosovo institutions in the political and rule of law sectors and assesses their efforts towards adequately implementing measures/actions set out in the Strategy. This Report also identifies the institutional failures, achievements, and challenges associated with the full implementation of the Strategy, and reflects on the preparedness of Kosovo institutions to combat corruption and promote anti-corruption actions. The following sections of this study are organized as follows: Section 2 provides an overview of the drafting, assessment and challenges of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and (Revised) Action Plan. Section 3 details the methodology utilized for this study. The achievements, challenges and failures that materialized during the monitoring process are presented in a matrix in Section 4. Section 5 interprets the overall institutional achievements vis-a-vis the implementation of the Strategy, focusing specifically on the political and rule of law sectors. The last section offers a conclusion and policy recommendations that can further enhance Kosovo’s capacity in the fight against corruption. To access the Policy Report, please click here.

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