Arrivederci Mogherini. The empty legacy of Frederica Mogherini is definite but her successor, Josep Borrell, should not gripe

September 17, 2019

Photo credit: EU2017EE on Visual Hunt / CC BY

It is a fiction that guided Mogherini’s preferences and beliefs that Kosovo-Serbia dialogue can result in something tangible. The fiction is meant to simplify the divide that makes Kosovo and Serbia be apart, and further minimize the impact that individual agendas and orientations can have in the dialogue.

An enthusiast of birdcage philosophy that saw relations between Kosovo and Serbia with ease, a trifling item in her agenda – Frederica Mogherini – the EU’s foreign policy chief, was exceptionally futile and ended her mandate with close to a zero impact on helping Kosovo and Serbia agreeing to a comprehensive peace pact. But is this fiction the main reason that affected Mogherini’s inability to succeed?

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