ACT NOW – New EU-funded project launched in Kosovo to increase civil society capacities in supporting public administration reform and improving the rule of law

June 13, 2023

PRISTINA, 6 June 2023 – The European Union Office in Kosovo has launched the new project “Supporting Public Administration Reform and Rule of Law through Fighting Corruption and Improving Service Delivery – ACT NOW

The Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS) will be responsible for implementing the project, which has a total budget of approximately 200,000 EUR and is expected to run for about 3 years.

ACT NOW aims to directly enhance the fight against corruption and overall justice delivery through systemic monitoring of the judicial and prosecutorial systems in Kosovo, as well as through providing various analyses, recommendations and legal expertise to key institutions. Furthermore, direct monitoring of the Anti-Corruption Agency and of the Agency for Confiscation and Sequestration of Assets will also take place. Within this first component, ACT NOW will present a monitoring platform that will cover the whole spectrum of issues plaguing the judicial and prosecutorial system in Kosovo.

Additionally, the project aims to speed up public administration reform through direct support to simplification of procedures and implementation of the recently adopted Administrative Burden Prevention and Reduction Programme (2022-2027) and its action plan. Regular advocacy and informational campaigns will be conducted in order to inform citizens and businesses of their rights to seek compensation in cases of administrative wrongdoings.

The project covers both these interrelated sectors as similar problems (corruption, malpractices, overly bureaucratic procedures, non-meritorious recruitments, lack of efficiency, damage compensation) characterise both the justice sector and the overstaffed state public administration.
The project will target key institutional stakeholders of the justice and public administration sectors, such as : Kosovo Judicial Council, Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Ministry of Justice and relevant agencies; Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Office of the Prime Minister etc. By influencing the policy and legislative processes, ACT NOW will have a positive impact on both, justice delivery and public administration efficiency, leading to better services for the citizens

For more detailed information, please refer to the Project Factsheet here.

For the Albanian version, please click here.

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