Mission Statement

Group for Legal and Political Studies is an independent, non-partisan and non-profit public policy organization based in Prishtina, Kosovo. Our mission is to conduct credible policy research in the fields of politics, law and economics and to push forward policy solutions that address the failures and/or tackle the problems in the said policy fields. Through advocating the policy solutions derived from our policy research, we aim to support four fundamental policy developments:

a. to support the democratization of the polity with regard to institutional and substantive policy reform;
b. to strengthen the rule-of-law capacity and performance via informed policy solutions and practical advocating strategies;
c. to enhance the economic growth and development by promoting market strategies that increase the rate of growth and stability, and
d. to help improve regional cooperation and Kosovo’s presence at the international level.

We are dedicated to provide high-quality public policy research through prominent scholars drawn from international and European centres of excellence in research, while aiming to be globally competitive for our quality research and impact in the fields of political science, law and economics.

We pursue our mission:

a. by producing public policy analysis addressing specific challenges that Kosovo faces within the context of the said policy fields, and offering policy solutions and ways to improve the efficiency, integrity, objectivity and credibility of the polity;
b. by engaging with the governmental, civic, media and community-based stakeholders to advocate that certain policy challenges be tackled with more progressive, informed and effective policy responses;
c. by offering innovative policy responses to institutions and the public on how to tackle certain challenges in the long-term, and engaging with them to channel the voice for better reform and development strategies;
d. by stimulating the public, the civic groups and the communities with ways to increase their role in the decision-making and agenda-setting, therein promoting a vibrant civil society and public opinion formation;
e. by organizing open, informed, level-headed and policy-responsive public debates, wherein governmental and non-governmental stakeholders push forward open-minded policy choices and solutions.