Potential Migrant’s Profile: Who are the Kosovars most willing to Migrate?

May 13, 2015


Dr. Arbëresha Loxha Stublla
Executive Director and Senior Research Fellow
Delfinë Elshani
economics, migration issues, trade, privatization and budgetary planning

GLPS has conducted a representative survey of population with 1000 persons, at the end of March 2015, in order to estimate and then examine the perception trends with regard to this phenomenon. Using the data deriving from the survey, GLPS built the ‘potential migrant’s profile’ and empirically analyses the factors that influence the willingness of citizens to migrate in the context of the factors that participate in the said profile.

The Potential Migrant’s Profile is being conducted for the first time in Kosovo and is an indicator of the structure of factors which trigger the willingness to migrate, something that policymakers and the Mustafa Government should carefully consider in their policy response to the migration trend. The data suggests that willingness to migrate remains very high despite migration of a relatively high number of individuals over the last past months, as well as continuous declarations of EU officials that asylum applications of Kosovo citizens will not be accepted. More precisely, 37.2% of individuals surveyed are willing to migrate should they have an opportunity to do so. The Policy Analysis offers a set of tangible, policy-oriented recommendations for the Kosovo Government to mitigate the factors that are causing this trend of migration of citizens toward the EU countries.

Policy Analysis

Potential Migrant’s Profile: Who are the Kosovars most willing to Migrate?

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