Western Balkan Public Administration Monitor 2017-2018

January 29, 2019

Governments in the Western Balkans have been implementing public administration reforms (PAR) for over a decade now, with varying degrees of success. Since 2014, PAR is acknowledged as one of the fundamental areas of reform on any country’s path to EU membership and a set of principles was prepared for the accession countries to follow and comply within this area in order to become successful EU member states.

These PAR Monitor reports, produced by the WeBER project, provide comparative results for each country in the Western Balkan region, based on an in-depth, year-long monitoring research effort focused on PAR. A comprehensive Western Balkan PAR Monitor should be read in concurrence with the six national PAR Monitor reports, laying out detailed monitoring results and recommendations for each country.

The PAR Monitor adopts the EU principles of public administration as the main building block of the entire endeavour, to allow for regional comparability, peer learning and peer pressure. This also allows WeBER to guide the administrative reforms in the direction of compliance with EU standards and requirements, supporting these countries’ transformation into future EU members. The WeBER monitoring focus rests strongly on the citizen-facing aspects of public administration, particularly examining issues of transparency, information provision to the public, citizen participation, accountability, equal opportunity and integrity.

PAR Scoreboard and additional information can be found here.

Policy Reports

Western Balkan Public Administration Monitor 2017-2018

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