Francisco Garcia

governance, European integration issues, human rights

Francisco José García Martínez is a Research Fellow at GLPS focusing on Governance and European Integration issues, including the SAA and Human Rights. He is also concentrated on European politics, more specifically in Security and Enlargement. In his capacity as researcher, he engages with international institutions in Pristina and other Civil Society Organizations, as well as various governmental agencies and Ministries.

Before joining GLPS, Francisco completed an internship at EULEX Kosovo, where he provided legal assistance and mentoring to the Civil Registration Agency and the Directorate for Citizenship, Asylum and Migration. He also has experience practicing law, being a member of the Bar Association in Spain. He holds a Master of Arts in European Political and Administrative Studies from the College of Europe, in Bruges, Belgium. He has also completed two Master degrees in Law and in Political Sciences and Administration at the University of Granada, Spain.